Andy’s Kilimanjaro challenge

Andy Reid MBE has defied all the odds to become the first ever triple amputee to reach the summit of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Andy and his specialist team set out on the 29th September to begin this incredible challenge. Over the course of the next two weeks, they trekked for up to 8 hours a day, covering 10km per day most days, to reach the staggering height of 19,341 feet.

Andy not only had to overcome the physical difficulties of the terrain, but also endure the constant pain and exhaustion he must have been feeling. As a triple amputee, he used 200% more energy than a normal person would to walk in these conditions.

After nearly 2 weeks of constant trekking over difficult terrain and conditions, Andy overcame all of this , and of course altitude sickness to summit a whole day earlier than expected on the 12th October. He is an inspiration to us all, and a poignant reminder that with pure determination, resilience and mental strength, we can overcome adversity to achieve anything we set our minds to. This is such a testament to the Foundation, and amazing example of an ex-veteran who has suffered life changing injuries, but not let them defy him.

If you would still like to donate money to this incredible challenge you can through Andy’s Just Giving Page HERE.