Osseointegration One year on

So it’s been exactly 1 year since my OI operation..! I can tell you now the reward has definitely outweighed the risk ! my life now is 100 times better than it was last year. I feel happier, less tired and more confident in myself and what I can accomplish. I now have a beautiful daughter who I feel confident to be on my own with being able to carry her when walking and put her on my lap without her banging herself on carbon sockets. I’m more active in the garden playing games with william as well. Claire has been amazing as always though the ups and downs and continues to support what I’m doing moving forward.

I have only fallen over twice ( without beer ) and lucky did not have any breaks of major damage ( just my pride ) I have had one infection and this was due to being run down.

Osseointegration has not restricted my life at all it’s made it better! I have ridden a trike 800 Miles been to Lapland walking in snow and ice and been on a family holiday in Spain all without infection or pain.

I also now have 3 fantastic ambassador roles for the following companies please check them out

Morson Group

Step forward homes

Totally wicked

If your in a position to have Osseointegration and unsure I hope this helps