Remembrance Day

I get ask every year what does Remembrance Day mean to me? Well first of all I don’t think it’s about me.

Luckily I’m still here and didn’t pay the ultimate sacrifice for being involved in conflict on the battle field or after the battle is over. Because as we know lots of our soldiers take their own lives following involvement in conflict and this has been happening for nearly 100 years.

It’s a day to remember those family members, friends, comrades and strangers who have payed the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

On the 12th this year I will go to my home town of St. Helens with some close friends who I served with on a number of tours including Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. I will wear my regimental blazer with medals proudly on my chest and a poppy. I will attend the service and lay a wreath and then reflect quietly before going for a few pints in my bar with the lads and have a chat about the old day and some of the characters we worked with..!