The Biggest Hidden Injury of All – PTSD

I have lots of friends who suffer from this devastating illness. yes a illness can be cured with medication and therapy but it takes time years in some cases and it deviates lives and not just the life of the person that has it but the family and friends of the people around them. It’s turns men and women into sad reflections of the person they once were killing them from the inside and driving some to the point where the only way out is to take there own life. Do I suffer from PTSD I would like to say the answer is No but the reality is YES of course I do! The thing with this illness is there are different levels of it and I’m not stronger mentally than any other lad or lady that has been the places we have been and done the things we have been asked to do but I have mechanisms in place that help me to put it ( the thoughts ) back in the cage! The speaking that I do in schools and stuff helps off load it from my mind This writing helps download it from my brain onto paper but that in itself is a double edge sword do it too much and I start to have nightmares images of friends body parts lay on the canal path where they also stood on a IED and was not as lucky as I was or where they lucky death is closure PTSD is a living nightmare where the option of taking your own life is some soldiers only way out!